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Dealing with Stress for Parents and Children   

This year, we have experienced challenges and stressful time no matter where we are in the world. How to recognize stress and how we deal with it? Is stress always bad and what stress management tools we can leverage for parents or the children? What rules we can learn to reduce stress? Join our virtual Parenting Seminar and talk to our Principal face to face!


Language: English

June 19 (Friday) 7-8 p.m. 


RSVP: To participate, please email Upon registration, you will receive a Zoom video chat link to join our virtual meeting room.

About the Speakers

Laura Vicent

 Principal, Victoria Gardens Campus, House of Knowledge

“As a Psychologist and Educator with many years of education experience in Asia and Spain, I have been helping families for over 10 years to grow their understanding of childhood development.”