House of Knowledge prides itself on offering quality professional development to all of our staff as we strongly believe that even as adults, we need to be lifelong learners. Effective professional development is the cornerstone of successful social and emotional learning implementation.

House of Knowledge recently completed 2 weeks of professional development for our teachers. Let’s see what our Principals have to say about it!

Early Years

The best professional development goes beyond teaching fundamental skills. Truly effective training engages and inspires staff, as well as prepares educators on developing and using skills, attitudes, and knowledge that help both students and adults.

Giulietta Welman, principal of Chaoyang Park campus stated.

Teacher training at House of Knowledge this academic year has been immensely successful! Teachers have proven to be completely committed to learning how to build on their existing skills and knowledge, recognizing individual differences and how teachers should adjust their practice accordingly, in order to support student achievement.

Fun and interactive activities with real life examples and outcomes on subjects such as Cultural Awareness, Music and Rhythm, Core Values, and Observation Practice resulted in great team building and significant comradery.

Strategies that inspire confidence in the belief that all students are capable of meeting high standards and high expectations, regardless of differences in racial and ethnic group membership, gender, disabilities, socio-economic background, etc. were implemented within the Reggio Emilia Approach and International Early Years Curriculum (IEYC) training. Through these strategies, our professional staff understand the importance of the choices they make regarding the curriculum, formative assessments, and planning for instruction which establishes appropriately high standards and expectations.

Over the course of the last 2 weeks, the elementary teachers at the Shunyi Campus have been participating in a variety of training activities designed to build a strong sense of cooperation and teamwork while at the same time develop their skills and abilities in curriculum and policy.

These sessions were a great way for the new team members to get to know other staff and also build strong relationships within their teaching teams. The new principal, Russell O’Neill, in cooperation with his colleague, Qingqing Wei, designed a balanced schedule that incorporated bilingual activities that strengthened the teachers knowledge, skills and understanding of excellent teaching practice from around the world. The focus areas included World Studies, Language Arts and Mathematics. There were also a number of sessions that sought to emphasize creativity, physical activity and teamwork.

Mr O’Neill, the new principal stated that “being new to a school, it is crucial to build a strong culture and sense of trust and collaboration. I am confident that after working with the team these last two weeks that we are in a strong position to have an excellent start to the year and I am proud of the teachers for engaging so enthusiastically with the training program”.

The House of Knowledge leadership team is confident in all our staff members. We look forward to a successful year of learning, through a loving, fun and inspiring environment!