House of Knowledge Shunyi, Chaoyang Park and Xinglong Campus each held their fantastic Easter picnics recently. In the beautiful spring air, the children and parents participated in lots of fun Easter games whilst enjoying some special time together!

The Easter Picnic of Chaoyang Park campus was held at the edge of the beautiful Chaoyang Park Ark Lake. Children and parents sat on the lakeside grass, enjoyed a variety of delicious Chinese and Western food while chatting and playing games: “Egg Art”, “Colorful Bubbles”, “Balloon Popping”, “Egg and Spoon Race”,” Jumping Bunny”, and children’s most favorite-“Easter Egg Hunt”! The children ran around excitedly to look for colored eggs and carefully placed them in their pre-made Easter baskets.

Shunyi Campus’ Easter Picnic was also held in Chaoyang Park. As well as playing some traditional Easter games like “Sack Race”, “Egg and Spoon Race”, “Stacking plastic egg tower” and “Gorgeous Rainbow”, the most enjoyable part was searching for Easter eggs! The children and parents had such fun searching for their Easter eggs together. Who found the most colored eggs?

This was the first time for Xinglong campus to hold their Easter Picnic. Children with their parents were so excited to hunt for their Easter eggs around the school campus. They gathered together to enjoy the delicious snacks in the beautiful playground, and to participate in the Easter themed activities designed and organized by the teachers: “Egg Run”, “Pin the tail on the Bunny”,”Face Painting”…… Thank you to all our parents for their active participation and thank you to our wonderful teachers for their careful organization. Together we created this unforgettable Easter picnic for the children that has helped to continue their growth by offering insight into different cultural traditions.