Recently, the 5th annual Yard Sale of House of Knowledge was successfully held in Shunyi Campus. Although the weather was not as good as we had hoped, the enthusiasm of students and parents remained unchanged.  On the day, with the help of their parents, the students became “little bosses”: lay out their spare goods, set their own prices, sold them, gave change… The whole campus transformed into a warm and welcoming charity fair.

Elementary students also attended the Yard Sale, where a dazzling array of desks were filled with their works of art and used objects designed and produced by students in the World Studies. They donated all their income to Roundabout, which fully demonstrated our core values of “Entrepreneurship” and “Empathy”.

House of Knowledge continued to work with the charity organization Roundabout this year and donated all the proceeds from the Cake Table selling goods donated by parents, the students’ table and the proceeds from Grades 3 and 4 students who raised more than 700 yuan by making their own shadow shows during the Chinese New Year.  In addition, some of our students volunteered to donate the proceeds they sold that day to Roundabout as well. This year, House of Knowledge donated RMB 3616 to Roundabout and the money raised will be used to support children with blood disease. The charity aims to fund the support of these children when they are in urgent need.

A big thank you to all our parents, students and teachers for their active participation and cooperation which ensured the Yard Sale was a huge success! Thank you for your efforts for charity, and for your warm kindness!