This year’s spring seems to have arrived a little late but it has brought with it a renewed energy around the school. The Spring Sports Day for House of Knowledge Elementary was held at the Shunyi Campus today!

We were witness to the excellent performance of our students: sprinting with explosive force, outstanding bouncing ability during the long jump, throwing with strength and accuracy…All the children demonstrated their energetic strengths and competitive nature.

The most exciting activity during the Sports Day is the football friendship game. This year’s football friendship match was divided into two groups: Grade 1 vs. Grade 2, Grade 3 vs. Grade 4. Although each match lasts only 20 minutes, the students in each class tried their best to fight for the collective honor of the class. The cheerleaders who watched from the sidelines were captivated by the efforts of their classmates. Look, another goal was scored and the playground erupted. Everyone cheered for the teams.

Parents were eager to take a turn when they saw the children’s fierce competition. The most popular part of the Sports Day is always the parent-child games in which parents and children compete together. Parents and children dribbled the ball while standing back to back, worked together to roll the wheels, also a two-person tripod game. Parents and their children not only had great fun during the games, it also gave them an opportunity to enjoy each other’s company and build a greater bond.

We would like to thank you for participating in the spring sports day and look to seeing you again next year!