Mr. Farshad Danicek, Reggio Emilia education expert and co-founder of House of Knowledge, recently held a highly successful parent education workshop at House of Knowledge Xinglong campus. He shared Reggio’s educational philosophy with parents, answering many questions parents may have about the philosophy: what is Reggio Emilia? Why does Reggio’s education set a solid foundation for a child’s future successful life? What can parents do to support the Reggio principles at home?

Mr. Farshad Danicek has been engaged in Reggio Education for almost 30 years. During the workshop, he transported parents into Reggio’s world with his rich, professional teaching experience, witty and humorous language, and vivid examples. Mr. Farshad began by explaining the origins of Reggio Emilia, analyzing the three educational approaches, “Strong, Capable and Resilient”. He used pictures and examples to illustrate how we integrate Reggio’s educational approach smoothly into each class at House of Knowledge. He demonstrated how we develop children’s competence to acquire knowledge in project learning and how we offer suitable project learning environments for children. He discussed the methods we use to guide children to begin “Learning to learn” by themselves. And he also highlighted how we integrate learning into the core values “Inquiry, Design Thinking, Cooperation, Empathy, Communication” et al, to every aspect of school life and curriculum in order to build up a strong foundation of self-confidence in our children, helping them cope with a changing society and equip them with the ability to solve problems.

During the second part of the workshop, Mr. Farshad focused on “what can parents do to support the Reggio principals at home.” He interacted cordially with parents, answering their questions and exploring some examples offered by parents at the beginning of the workshop. In summary, the most effective support parents can offer their children at home is to facilitate the combination of their curiosity and interests, offer appropriate environments and encourage children to find answers and solve problems by themselves.

Participating parents were extremely pleased with the workshop as they were not only able to understand Reggio Emilia approach more deeply, they were also inspired to adopt similar education methods at home which will compliment the methods in practice at school and help strengthen communication between parents and child. We have 2 more parent education workshops scheduled in March and April. Make sure you don’t miss out!

II: How can my child learn several languages whilst having fun?
Mar. 22nd
With the rapid development of the world today, globalization affects every family. All parents hope their children can learn a foreign language to help build a good foundation for a successful life in the future. Mr. Farshad Danicek will advise you on how to develop children’s languages when they are young and how parents can assist them at home.

III: Setting Rules for Children – Why and How?
Apr. 18th
As we know, setting rules is important for children, but how do we find the right balance between rules and freedom? Mr. Farshad Danicek will explain what rules and boundaries mean to children, why they are important for their well-being and healthy development and how children learn responsibility through rules.

Open to all parents and free of charge. The seats are limited, so please book your place as early as possible!

House of Knowledge, Xinglong Campus, Auditorium

Farshad Danicek, M.Ed., Co-Founder and Head of Program Development, House of Knowledge. Mr Farshad has been working in the Early Years Education industry for almost 30 years. During the past 12 years, he has adapted the Reggio Emilia approach to coincide with, and compliment, Chinese learning styles.

Language: English (with Chinese translation)
RSVP: or call 64302161*803 in advance!