As the Beijing days become chilly and nightfall begins earlier and earlier, the students at House of Knowledge were in for a real ‘Trick or Treat’ this Halloween! This year, HoK has been bubbling like a witch’s cauldron with lots spooky activities for the children and their parents.

On October 30th, the Shunyi Campus parents were invited to attend the annual Pumpkin Carving Competition. The parents set up stations in the dining hall where they carved up some terrifyingly terrific pumpkin faces of all shapes, sizes and colours. The children were so impressed by the efforts of their parents and were very excited to get to judge the competition and choose the winner the following day, during the Halloween Party.
As Halloween morning arrived on October 31st, the gates to both the Shunyi campus and Chaoyang campus opened, not to our usual fresh-faced students, but to ghastly ghouls, wicked witches, spine-tingling skeletons, batman and superman. Each creepy creature was ready to have a wickedly wonderful time taking part in all the party games their teachers had prepared for them.

At the Chaoyang campus, our fiendish friends had great fun playing games like ‘decorate the pumpkins’, ‘pin the spider’ and ‘fishing’. Once all the games were over, the students got to take part in ‘Trick or Treat’ followed by a fashion show in the Gym where the craziest costumes from each class competed to win the best dressed prizes. The Gym was filled with howls of delight from the staff and students as they cheered on their classmates. Everyone celebrated with spooky snacks before it was time to head for home after hair-raising Halloween hijinks.

Shunyi campus had some frighteningly fun activities planned for their little monsters. Trick or Treating, scary ghost stories, monster-making, face painting, cupcake decorating and ‘Snakes and Ladders’. There was also the chance for some beastly boogie time in the music room. And, of course, the students got to cast their vote for their favorite pumpkin carving from the day before. Each student was given a coloured crystal to place next to or inside the pumpkin of their choice. The pumpkin with the most crystals was the winner. The mother of Timmy & Lorna from the Elementary class won the first place. Congratulations! Thanks for all parents who participated in this fantastic competition! Looking forward to seeing your spooky pumpkins next year!