At House of Knowledge, we recognise that there are many opportunities for learning that lie far beyond the classroom. We believe that learning should not be limited to a classroom, school, or coming from a teacher. The world all around us can offer students the chance to learn something new, provide inspiration to start investigations of their own, expand their horizons and explore topics to which they had not previously been exposed.

In recent weeks, the students at our Chaoyang Park campus have been conducting exciting field trips to various locations across Beijing to continue their studies outside the classroom. Following the ethos of the International Early Year Curriculum (IEYC) and Reggio Emilia approach, students are encouraged to become the architects of their own learning and these field trips have allowed them the chance to help shape their understanding of the chosen project topics.

Students from Nursery 1 wanted to further their study of sea animals like fish, sharks, and octopus, so they took a trip to the Blue Zoo Aquarium. Pre-K 2 also took a trip to the aquarium but their learning journey was quite different, as they wanted to learn more about the jobs and careers of people who work with sea creatures. After exploring the world of transportation, Pre-K 1 students found themselves drawn to the Science and Technology museum to expand their knowledge. Students from Pre-K 3 visited Beijing World Park where they got to see replicas of famous monuments from around the world which they had been studying as part of their Ancient Civilization project.

Not only are these field trips exciting adventures to expand students’ knowledge on their chosen subjects, they are also perfect opportunities to help build upon the core values we hold at House of Knowledge. The variety of experiences gained by our students can support the development of a Global Mindset as well as their Inquiry and Design Thinking skills. Exploring a new environment pushes students to work together as a team, growing their Cooperation, Communication, and Adaptability skills, as well as promoting a Positive Self-Image. Above all, stretching themselves and stepping outside the limits of the classroom has proven to be a wonderful way for our students to spend quality time making lasting friendships whilst enjoying a new and rewarding learning experience.