As one of the most important and beloved traditions at House of Knowledge, the 11th Daddy Child Day took place on May 12th and was open to all students in the Early Years at Chaoyang Park and Shunyi campuses. We hold this activity twice a year, in May and December respectively, to offer an opportunity for the kids to spend some quality time with the father-figure in their life. All HoK fathers were invited to spend time with their children and take part in fun activities which were designed to help foster the special ‘father/child’ relationship, whilst also encouraging everyone to enjoy themselves too!

Chaoyang Park Campus chose “Racing” as their theme this year. All fathers and kids worked together to design and construct their own unique car. Once all the cars were ready, the families gathered together in the GYM to have an amazing car racing. Congratulations to Alex Woo from Pre-K 3 and his father who won the race! Many kids also brought their “car” home so they could always remember their special day!

The children at the Shunyi Campus decided to have a ‘Sports Day’. The activities the kids and their fathers took part in included hurdles, ‘kangaroo hopping’, snakes and ladders, hoops and cones, fishing hoops, bean bag toss, bursting each other’s balloon etc. The families worked hard together to do their best and succeed in winning a medal. All the kids not only enjoyed the day and the activities, but they also loved the bonding time with their fathers!