Lots of red, lions, lanterns and traditional costumes turned the two House of Knowledge campuses into festive places to welcome the year of the dog.

A fan dance, a Lantern show, Thousand Character Kung Fu and other performances by the Early Years classes were met with great applause from parents. Elementary students impressed with their interpretation of classical themes like the monster Nian or the song “The Wild Geese Flying South”.

After the student performances, a range of temple fair activities had families engage in traditional Chinese arts and craft. They could witness an artist blowing sugar shapes and making dough figures. Dumpling making, lantern riddles and spring couplet making were other activities that created a beautiful traditional atmosphere on campus. Grade 3 students designed and performed the classic shadow play “The Hare and the Tortoise”. From the sale of entry tickets students collected a total of CNY 1600 which they decided to donate to a local orphanage. A big thank you for their kindness and generosity!

The great day of celebrations came to a spectacular end with a lion dance show. The children were excited to get up close with the lions and parents applauded the acrobatic skills of the troupe. Take a look at the photos from this very Chinese day at House of Knowledge and share them with friends and family!

The House of Knowledge team wishes everyone a very happy and successful new year!