Nowadays, children spend a lot of time with their computers, their phones and iPads. They move and exercise less. Obesity rates are increasing. And for many children, it’s difficult to concentrate over a longer period.

To prevent such common problems, students who are above 3 years old at House of Knowledge follow regular yoga classes in addition to their PE lessons. Angelina Liu, yoga teacher and entrepreneur, develops age-appropriate yoga exercises and evaluates students’ progress at House of Knowledge.

Asked about the positive effects of regular yoga practice, Angelina says: “Yoga offers physical and mental benefits. Yoga moves help children develop motor skills and gain more control over their body. Breathing and relaxation practice helps children reduce stress, calm down and concentrate. They become more aware of themselves and are less distracted. ‘Cooperation games’ require students to physically work together and stabilize each other which develop their communication skills and teaches them to trust each other. We also do visualization exercises during class. It’s similar to meditation. Children learn to focus their mind on a mental object which helps them become more creative and improves their imagination.

Lastly, and most importantly, yoga offers a growth experience for children. Through positive discipline, we encourage children to get better and better without comparing themselves to others. After a few sessions, children’s balance and motor skills improve, and they show better posture. Yoga really benefits their personal and academic development. The children are more concentrated in the classroom and more patients with themselves and others.