“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” Dr. Seuss.

House of Knowledge held a week-long celebration of creativity and literature. At the Chaoyang Park Campus, they decided to celebrate Reading Week by inviting parents to read to their child’s class throughout the week. More than half of the students had a parent join in!  There were various activities to keep the children interested, ignited and inspired throughout the week that included favorite book character dress up, show and tell, and making their own picture books. The finale for the week saw the classes coming together in their language groups in Library for a multi-lingual story time.

At the Shunyi Campus, our elementary students went to the Early Years classes and read to the younger students. Throughout the week, students were introduced to Dr. Seuss books which were followed by various activities to go along with themes of the books such as The Cat in the Hat, Fox in Socks, and Green Eggs and Ham. The week ended with students and their parents decorating melons to look like the main characters from their favorite books.

The Early Years classes at the Shunyi campus held a fun week too, getting to know the beloved author, Dr. Seuss. Each day had a different themed activity, including wearing wacky hats and crazy socks, as well as cooking green eggs and ham. The German class celebrated Reading Week by focusing on Pippi Longstocking and celebrating the author, Astrid Lindgren. They wrote their own book, did some crafts and baked tasty treats related to the story; reading has never been so much fun!