21st Century Smart:

HoK has adopted the International Primary Curriculum, which allows us to provide an innovative and exciting curriculum that is relevant to today and tomorrow. Many education models have become outdated, but with the IPC, our school has a global approach to learning that focuses not just on academic education but also on the personal qualities and skills our students need to acquire for the future such as; international mindedness, critical thinking, intellectual agility, initiative, emotional intelligence, persistence, adaptability, and collaboration, to name but a few.

Good Things Come in Small Packages!:

HoK is a warm, caring and cozy school where all of our students are familiar with the environment and all staff members. HoK creates belongingness; we are not a big “factory-like” school where students can feel lost and intimated, but we pride ourselves on being able to give each student a personal experience where they feel “at home.” In fact, studies have shown that smaller scale schools have improved instructional quality and academic success. Furthermore, we have one of the best student – teacher ratios in the city where our students thrive, as they have an intimate and personalized environment.

Active, not Passive:

There are a plethora of well documented and well-researched studies out there showing the numerous benefits of multilingualism socially and academically, as well as physiologically. At HoK, language acquisition is effective because our elementary students acquire languages through content-based instruction (CBI). CBI is an approach to language teaching that focuses not on the tongue itself, but rather on what is being taught through the language. The synergy between our curriculum and CBI allows our students to learn languages by thinking ACTIVELY and ENGAGING with authentic materials, content, and contexts that are from the real world, rather than sitting at a desk and learning from a textbook.

They Inspire Us!:

Great teachers are the foundation of any great school. We hand-pick our teaching staff from all over the world based on their education, experience, love of children and enthusiasm for learning. All of our foreign English elementary teachers are native English speakers from the USA with numerous years of experience teaching in their home country, to bring our students an authentic and international experience.

A Space & Place to Learn:

The impact of a school environment is critical when it comes learning. At HoK, we aim to provide an inspirational, progressive and nurturing environment for all of our students where they feel free to explore and grow personally and academically to achieve their best potential. One thing that is different about our school that our parents mention time and time again is that their children are happy to come to school!

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