At House of Knowledge we have many reasons why parents choose our school, but here are a few tasters to help you understand why we are the right choice for families looking for a caring, child-focused, community-based learning environment for their children.

Highest Quality of Education:

We are committed to developing and providing education of the highest quality. We strive to maintain high teacher-child ratios and retain a faculty of qualified, professional and enthusiastic individuals. Our curriculum reflects the value we place on multicultural awareness by drawing from the world’s leading education philosophies and curriculums, such as Reggio Emilia to form a unique, child-driven education establishment that equips children for lifelong learning.

Unique Learning Environment:

While HoK believes that kids learn from an infinite number of sources, the three first and foremost teachers of any child are: first, the parents; second, the in-class teachers; and third, the environment. Realizing that a student’s surroundings are such a vital component of their education, we have created engaging facilities that encourage children to question, explore, and creatively utilize and learn from/about the world around them.

Multicultural Awareness and Appreciation:

In a big world that is rapidly becoming a small global village, we recognize the incomparable value of offering children an international curriculum. Language is learning one of the best tools to help a child develop an active mind, and it is also an asset to their understanding, exploration, appreciation, and engagement with and in other cultures. It is our desire that children educated in an international program will develop an inclusive attitude based on respect and equality towards others.

Emergent Leaning:

At HoK, we believe that learning is about more than acquiring knowledge and skills. Instead of just teaching children, we help them to learn. As children develop abilities, expertise and an understanding of how to learn and construct knowledge, they are enabled to become lifelong learners. This type of emergent learning is context bound, hands-on, builds on the immediate experiences of the child and relies on his/her natural motivation to learn.

Community-Based Learning:

We believe that by learning and growing together, every child and person can achieve more. For this reason, we not only strive to present opportunities for children to grow as independent individuals and self-driven learners but also encourage them to learn with and from those around them, constantly working to cultivate strong social skills and awareness. With this “team player” attitude, it is our hope that every child will gain as much as they can from the world around them and learn how to be a proactive, positive member of their communities and the world as a whole.