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Chaoyang Park Campus

15, Victoria Gardens, Chaoyang Park West Rd,
Beijing, China, 100025
Phone: +86 (10) 6538 2624

Shunyi Campus

North Gate of Quanfa Gardens, 18 Ma Quan Ying
(off Shun Bai Lu), Beijing, China, 100103
Phone: +86 (10) 6431 8452

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Wish You a Merry Christmas!

On December 15th, students and teachers of HoK assembled together to celebrate one of the most important festivals—Christmas. Students sang and danced on stage, giving special performances to their parents. Look, Stata Clause is coming to visit us, he brought us a lot...

Fathers Spend Happy Hours with Their Children during House of Knowledge’s Daddy Child Day!

On December 2nd, Daddy Child Day was open to all students in the Early Years education program at both of the House of Knowledge campuses. Every year, Daddy Child Day is keenly anticipated and overwhelmingly adored by our students. The activity was first organized 10...

Teachers go back to school

It was teachers being students again at House of Knowledge from Nov.16th to 17th. Two days of professional development had our educators from the Shunyi and Chaoyang campus discuss, reflect and role-play. What are common challenges in the Early Years classroom? How...

Concentration and Trust-How yoga helps House of Knowledge students

Nowadays, children spend a lot of time with their computers, their phones and iPads. They move and exercise less. Obesity rates are increasing. And for many children, it’s difficult to concentrate over a longer period. To prevent such common problems, students who are...

Trick or Treat!

  On Oct. 31st, House of Knowledge turned into the House of Scary Creatures – vampires, elves, witches, ghosts and the occasional super hero descended onto both campuses and demanded their share of candy. It was Halloween and kids as well teachers had a great time...

Impressions from the 21st Century Education Workshop

As the educator and communicator of 21st Century Education, House of Knowledge offers workshop series to our parents and who interested in the educations to share the premium educational concepts and methods. It’s our honored  to invite Mr. Farshad Danicek, M.Ed.,...

Welcome Back BBQ 2017

House of Knowledge kicked off the new school year with a Welcome Back BBQ at the Shunyi and Chaoyang campuses on August 19th and 26th for all new and returning families. The kids had fun with a larger-than-life snakes and ladders game, face painting, string beads,...

Giving Back !

Last Saturday we held our annual community yard sale at our Shunyi Campus. A great team from both HoK and Roundabout, worked hard to ensure the event was a success! It was a hot sweltering day, but that did not keep away the visitors interested in grabbing a bargain...

Daddy Child Day

At HoK we pride ourselves on our close community, the campus environment always feels like a home away from home, where everyone is welcome.  As part of this philosophy, HoK held their bi-annual event Daddy child day on 6th May.  Dad’s took time out of their busy...

Fire Department Visit HoK!

As part of term-two fire drill, Shunyi Campus invited the local fire brigade into the school to simulate at real life like situation.  The fire alarm rang, and they evacuated the school in a calm and orderly manner. ...