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april, 2017

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Fire Department Visit HoK!

As part of term-two fire drill, Shunyi Campus invited to the local fire brigade into the school to simulate at real life like situation.  The fire alarm rang, and they evacuated the school in a calm and orderly manner. ...

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2017 Summer Camp – Registration open!

A Journey Around The World Do you want your child to experience different countries’ cultures? Do you want your child to get to travel around the world without even having to leave the kindergarten?   This Summer our theme is “A Journey Around The World”! Your...

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Learning can be Fun!

On Wednesday, 12th April, House of Knowledge hosted an event centered around our English elementary curriculum, the International Primary Curriculum (IPC).  We were luckily enough to have Mr. Neil McRae fly in from Singapore to talk about how the IPC makes learning...

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Family Easter Picnic

Students, their families, and the wider community at HoK celebrated Easter with a community picnic. It was a glorious day with the sun shining, good air quality and wide open spaces, with plenty of Easter activities that were enjoyed by all. Chaoyang Park Campus went...

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International Primary Curriculum (IPC)

The International Primary Curriculum, used by over 1800 school worldwide, supports students in developing both, awareness of their cultural heritage and an international mindset.





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How to Make Classrooms Homes Away From Home

It’s all in the name: House of Knowledge, not only a school but also a home where learning resides and an engaging environment where students can settle in and feel comfortable studying. Indeed, the House of Knowledge’s (HOK’s) Chaoyang Park Campus is a home away from...

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Why Choose a Multilingual Education?

As an educator in a multilingual school, and a foreign expat that can fluently speak Mandarin Chinese, and relies on my bilingual ability in my daily life, I am a huge advocate for multilingual education. That being said, I do not think it is entirely necessary for...

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